Thursday, August 20, 2009

Silly Signs

Question: Is this the most pointless sign in the world?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dress code madness

My experience with dress codes of late have been somewhat frustrating

I am neither goth, nor bogan, nor drag queen. I don't get into fights or grafitti "John sucks cock" followed by his phone number on the wall of the gents (sorry "Rest Room"). I even direct bar-staff to people who were clearly before me at the bar. Yet despite my obvious style and impeccable behaviour (Will you STOP underlining words that are correctly spelt for gods sake!) I have been refused entry twice of late. Yes I know ... ME!

The first occasion was at the casino, and was probably the most annoying ... I was meeting some friends who were visiting from interstate. I wore a pair of trousers, black leather shoes and a black turtle neck jumper (well, black is very slimming), I looked good, I looked better than good ... but no ... "Sorry Mate ... you have to have a collar after 6pm" ... what the fuck for? Does my lack of collar give me a competitive advantage at the Black Jack table? Is it offensive to certain cultures that frequent such establishments? Just to wind me up more they let in a bogan wearing jeans, trainers and a flannelette shirt while I was expressing my outrage to the muppets parading as bouncers. "What about him!" I excitedly pointed at the bogan monkey lurching in. "He's got a collar mate" ... bastards

The second occasion was the other day when I was refused entry on account of my shoes which apparently didn't have the required proportion of cow's arse to be worthy of drinking in such an establishment. The girl had got out of the car to get the beers in while I parked the car ... so she was already in ... after much arguing (I am surprisingly persistent when I have a pint waiting for me) he agreed to let me in, just this once. (Why did I feel so grateful?). When I got in I realised that about 80% of the current clientele were scruffy twats, but they came in before 6pm when the dress code started. Seriously, what is the point of that?

The issue clearly appears to be the focus on items of clothing in isolation, collars and shoes in this case, with no regard for the style and look of the overall ensemble. It is surprisingly possible to look stylish and smart (casual) without collar or leather shoes.

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