Saturday, June 27, 2009

iPhone Picture Messaging Horror

I love my iPhone, it's sleek and sexy. I love showing off the features, for example, how cool is the pinching the screen to make things bigger or smaller thing!

So when the new version 3.0 of the iPhone software was released I couldn't wait to try out the new features ... Landscape texting: Thought it was going to be better than it is (too used to the portrait keyboard) ... Cut and Paste, magic ... MMS capabilities ... thats where my problem lies.

For the first week or so (til the novelty wore off), wherever I was I thought about what cool and amusing pictures I could send to Aimee. This seems fine on the surface, but highlights a problem with the way the iPhone starts the messaging application. For those not blessed enough to have such a device, it always starts on the last screen you were on. Mostly the last person your texted so additional care is required before you send the message to ensure the correct person receives the message.

I have made this error before sending silly texts to friends and clients alike, but adding photos makes it sooooo much worse! So far I have sent a picture of a prawn cracker I was eating while waiting for a takeaway to one of my clients and worse still (by some distance) was the other day when I was in a particularly silly mood ...

We were getting ready to go out to the pub for one of our friends birthdays last weekend. While I was, erm, flushing the system out (so to speak) I took my phone so I could check the news and update my facebook status (who doesn't!). Then my great idea came to me ... Heeeeeeyy! I could send Aimee is picture of me on the loo ... she'll love that. So I proceeded to spend a good few minutes trying to capture a good picture of myself on the karzie (which meant taking several where I was almost not in the picture ... not great for self portraits the iPhone). Finally, when I was happy I proceeded to send the message with a cheeky chuckle to myself.

Then it happened ... I noticed WHO I was sending it to ... it was to one of my mates ... oh shit ... Queue pathetic attempts to prevent the text from going ... shake it to see if the undo function works ... nope ... cover the phone with my hands, hide it under my jumper, anything to make it loose reception ... improved if anything ... Swear at it ... no reaction ... Cover my own face with hands hoping the phone would take pity ... it didn't.

Below is the actual screen shot from the phone, the "O." is the only remaining evidence of my panic ... quite appropriate methinks!

Can I be the only one to have this problem?


  1. Can you be the only one to have this problem?... Weeeeeell, probably. But then again there are plenty out there who love "toilet humour" ha ha.

  2. HAHA. You're probably the first to have sent an embarrassing picture of themselves on the toilet to someone other than the intended receiver.


    But I do agree that it is quite confusing at times.

    That's why I go without an iPhone. :D.

  3. A first!! Brilliant ... do I get anything for that do you reckon? :)


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