Monday, June 15, 2009

Welcome to the Twaddle Factory

Hurray! My first blog ever. Seems like everyone is doing it these days so why not me ...

I am looking forward to reviewing this initial blog in months to come to see if any of my misplaced intentions for this blog are realised. (Random and inconveniently placed whinge: Why can't you include the PROPER English spelling of "realised" in the dictionary by default? And while I am at it, I don't appreciate your futile attempts to change my ways through the auto correction function). Right, where was I? ... yes, my blogging intentions.

I hereby declare my blog will include:
  • Reviews and ramblings, good and bad, about comedy shows and movies I like and watch
  • Funny stories which I have either happened, or not happened (except in my brain).
  • Jokes, although I have to admit they will have to be VERY funny cos I don't normally like stuff like that
  • Items which tickle my fancy.
  • Sketches and ideas derived from drunken evenings in our back yard (thats mainly me at t'missus) which we mistakenly believe to be amusing at the time. This blog will hopefully prove to us that we are comedic geniuses and not (as we suspect) quite unfunny indeed.
I also promise (with my fingers firmly crossed) to blog on a regular basis and that all posts will be rather amusing or about rather amusing things.

In the mean time I am going to do some work, otherwise I will not earn any money and will subsequently not be able to pay for my internet connection and won't be able to blog (I am going to drop that word into conversations on a more regular basis from now on I have decided) therefore depriving the public of my total and utter twaddle ...

A Beintot (as they say in France, probably).


P.S Sorry French speaking people, but there are no options in this to add the funny line over the "A" or the hat shaped thingy over the "o". Therefore some imagination is required to ensure the correct pronunciation of the phrase.

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